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Marker Six

The Drifty Padillac Surfboard Bar Top

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Size, Height with or Without Bases

This table comes with the option to buy just the table top or choose from 3 different base heights (comes with 2 bases). If you choose a table with bases, the bases ship separately from our vendor.

*Caddy's logo not available but add your own at no extra charge. See example pictures of what we've done with other customer's logos.

Standard table height base 27.75" H (finished height 29.25")
Counter height base 33.75" H (finished height 35.25")
Bar height base 40.75" H (finished height 42.25")

Top sizes:
60"X 22"
72" X 24"
84 X 24"
94"X 24"

All tables are finished with a high gloss durable epoxy coating.